Sitemap - 2023 - The Dean's Report by Dean Obeidallah

Trump may be charged with Espionage but he still must be charged for his Jan 6 crimes if we want to remain a democratic Republic

Taylor Swift is What the GOP Fears Most

The Right’s Goal is to Erase the LGBTQ Community from Society

The PERFECT solution for any fellow Democrat unhappy with Biden’s budget deal

The Debt ceiling deal was a big WIN for Biden—and a big LOSS for Trump and MAGA

AOC is right: GOP is holding our economy, Social Security and Medicare HOSTAGE

Using the 14th Amendment to raise debt ceiling is perfect given MAGA is today’s Confederacy

Pres Biden is right: MAGA wants to cause a debt ceiling default to help Trump

GOP is banning TikTok because young people are using it to defeat Republicans

Can You Please Help the GOP Find Their Missing Informants?!

GOP Leaders Step up Their Dangerous Defense of Killers and Terrorists

DOJ did more than just indict GOP Rep. George Santos. They also unintentionally indicted Merrick Garland.

The Passing of My Beloved mother

Biden's WHCD performance was Amazing for Many Reasons!

GOP silencing another Democratic Representative is what Fascism looks like in 2023

Tucker Carlson’s vile legacy is mainstreaming white supremacy.

Texas GOP are banning books but want to force the Ten Commandants on students

A Democratic member of Congress Finally shows us how to Label Trump supporting Republicans

Shooting of 16-year-old Black teenager is a direct result of GOP’s weaponization of racism and GOP's “Stand Your Ground” laws

A Special Counsel must be appointed to investigate Clarence Thomas

Jim Jordan must be criminally investigated for both obstructing Trump’s prosecution and his role in Jan 6

Gov Greg Abbott pardons a murderer who killed a BLM protester to make Tucker Carlson happy

Tennessee GOP succeeded where MAGA failed on Jan 6: They overturned an election to preserve White Supremacy

Trump’s crimes were not victimless. The victims were Roe v. Wade, gun safety laws and more.

NY Judge should impose a Gag Order on Trump--and if he violates it--Trump must go to Jail

Despite the Manhattan charges, Trump MUST still be charged for his attempted coup and inciting the Jan 6 attack

Want to reduce gun violence? Repeal federal law granting gun manufacturer’s immunity from lawsuits

Biden talks helping people of Mississippi while Trump talks about helping himself

Reminder: Online chat Saturday March 25 with authoritarianism expert Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Trump holding his first 2024 campaign rally in Waco on 30th anniversary of the Waco siege is about inciting more terrorism

Even the NYPD views MAGA as a terrorist threat—and they are right.

Trump is preparing his base for violence if he’s arrested--and over 50% of them are ready

Next Online Chat: Saturday March 25 with Ruth Ben-Ghiat

Glenn Kirschner is right: “We will see charges way beyond ‘hush money’’ by Manhattan DA versus Trump. Here is how we know.

Here’s how we can stop Fox News from peddling more lies on air

If Mike Pence continues his refusal to tell investigators the details of Trump’s Jan 6 attack, he must be viewed as complicit

Georgia GOP takes first step to remove Fulton County DA Fani Willis in order to protect Trump

Trump’s words at CPAC are exactly what Fascists say when laying the groundwork for violence

SCOOP: DOJ just told me all the documents they seized from Mar-a-Lago are still classified--and why this matters.

Hey MAGA: It's not called "Cancel Culture," it's called "Consequence Culture."

This is more dangerous than Fox News peddling 2020 election lies.

White privilege is Marjorie Taylor Greene calling to end the USA and then getting invited on Fox News to sell her idea to the public

Glenn Kirschner: Trump will be indicted and will then throw everyone under the bus to stay out of jail—including his family.

Mike Pence wants to "Repeal and Replace" Social Security

You should listen to Rep. Maxwell Frost when he says Ron DeSantis is a more dangerous threat to our nation than Trump

While Nikki Haley was saying there’s no racism in America, a white supremacist was being sentenced for intentionally murdering Black Americans

If House Republicans are truly concerned about influence peddling for profit then investigate Jared, Ivanka and Donald

GOP's Twitter hearing ended up proving Trump tried to silence Chrissy Teigen for mocking him and that Twitter did Trump's bidding

The powerful reason why Democratic members of Congress will be wearing a pin at Tuesday's State of the Union that reads "1870"

Why did Trump conceal from the public the three Chinese spy balloons that invaded American airspace when he was President?!

Glenn Kirschner joins our first monthly online chat where he warned if Trump is charged with crimes he will incite violence.

GOP targeted Rep. Ilhan Omar because she is all the things the GOP base hates rolled into one

Time sensitive about this Saturday' online chat

Republicans oppose police reforms because they support the police targeting Black Americans

First online chat this Saturday AM with special guest Glenn Kirschner

Media needs to call the person who attacked Paul Pelosi what he is: A MAGA Terrorist!

Former FBI agent Frank Figliuzzi says prosecuting Trump for Obstruction of justice is a "slam dunk."

Kevin McCarthy wants to ban Ilhan Omar from her House committee to make GOP Bigots happy

Ron DeSantis is BANNING Black history as part of his strategy to win in 2024

Chief of Capitol Police on Jan 6 puts blame squarely on Trump for the Jan 6 attack

New Polls show GOP has embraced violence yet corporate media still will not use the word FASCISM!

It's time for Merrick Garland to Resign

Jim Jordan shouldn’t be chair of the House Judiciary committee, he should be on trial for attempting to overturn the 2020 election

If the GOP didn't have hypocrisy, they'd have nothing...except the white supremacy and fascism that is.

This is the real question we should be asking about the Biden and Trump classified document cases

Hakeem Jeffries gave the speech defending democracy that Kevin McCarthy should have—but won’t.

Mary Trump: If a Democratic President did what Donald did, he would 100% be criminally charged by now

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner: Donald Trump should be charged by now

Kevin McCarthy is reminding us that you cannot appease fascists

Kevin McCarthy needs to drop out!

Reminder When Kevin McCarthy "joked" about hitting Nancy Pelosi with Speaker's gavel after he's elected Speaker

George Santos is the Milli Vanilli of politics and how he got away with the lies for so long

Kevin McCarthy's silence to George Santos perfectly sums up today's GOP