At least it has finally gotten so bad that the corporate media can't ignore it. The WaPo, NYT and others have moved past "it's Trump being Trump" to calling his fascism dangerous. The NYT is still looking for a way to normalize it, but they are feeling the heat. The useless Kristen Welker felt motivated to ask Ronna Romney about it, but failed to press the attack. We need the Fourth Estate to act like it understands the threat and that democracy is more important than clicks, bylines and profits. Because if Trump and his MAGAs take power, everything but their propaganda outlets will be closed down. Starting with the Bezos Washington Post and the failing New York Times.

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True! But the Nazis did not rise alone; they had help from the Communists when Germans had to choose between these two consummate evils. Hitler murdered his many millions, and Stalin murdered many more.

Here in the United States, we are dividing along similar lines. Whom am I to vote for: Trump and his toadies or Biden with his puppet masters AOC and Bernie?

Although -- I saw a photo of AOC as she exited a screening of Hamas atrocities yesterday. I thought I detected nausea in her face. I hope she stays nauseated, maybe even vomits, and stops supporting this consortium of antisemites that's -- in its least harmful but most annoying manifestation -- shutting down our cities every weekend.

I'm actually about ready to have the keffiyeh-wearing demonstrators all chloroformed and moved away from our thoroughfares and bridges and major train hubs to sleep it off somewhere where they won't get in our way.

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Exactly. The single most disturbing book, fiction or non-fiction, I have ever read is Timothy Snyder's Bloodlands - the history of the region between Russia and Germany - Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, etc. - and the genocide perpetrated in the people by Stalin and Hitler. Oh, and the tsars and the Kaiser.

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Nov 15, 2023·edited Nov 15, 2023

All we see named in the comments seem to be the Stalin\Hitler stand-ins for US the United States of Amnesia. What spin-off imperial minded financial elite-led mercantile settler and indigenous genocidal movement turned into a global 20th C. super-power by selling to both the Stalin and Hitler machines all the provisions harvested from these here heirs to the Doctrine of Discovery, namely the Americas?

Don't tell me the Dust Bowl and Great Depression that 2 World Wars could not end along with cyclical stock market collapses and crashes with our perma-Daddy Warbucks E-CON-O-MY have all clouded our collective dollar-sign fixated mind? Mercantilism and Militarism made the world scream MAGA...

Selling to all sides before during after World Wars and muddled manipulated global venture conquest is the bid-net model that made Washington's hemispheric Americas enterprise what we are today. MAGA GOO GOO GA GA.

A largely pauperized and methodically while scientifically distracted citizenry turned into industrial and now financialized, privatized and Private Interest-led indentured wage slave drone staffed economic wonder lorded over by our own greediest and insatiably selfish consumer addicts.


Colonists into global power brokers. The wealthiest nation in quantified human his\herstory has by now normalized homelessness spreading Hooverville tent encampments as fast as those globally networked investor speculated upon Safety Deposit Boxes In the Skies of our hollowed out 21st Century stratified cities teetering between the luxury condos that are mostly vacant and built for speculative profiteering rather than housing human necessities.


PUSH - ( some excerpts from the documentary )

Tiktaks Point of View

382 subscribers

1,875 views Sep 1, 2021

Some excerpts from the documentary "PUSH" (2019) (full doc @ "Push | TVO Docs" on YouTube)

Exploring why people cannot be allowed to live in cities... The high cost of housing and global investment funds that push people to poverty and strip them of a fundamental human right.

Producers: Fredrik Gertten, Margarete Jangard

Director: Fredrik Gertten

From Knowledge Network Aired Feb. 2, 2021

Full documentary can be seen here "Push | TVO Docs" on YouTube:

• Push | TVO Docs

Mitch Ritter\Paradigm Sifters, Code Shifters, PsalmSong Chasers

Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa (Refuge of Atonement Seekers)

Media Discussion List\LookseeInnerEarsHeartsHearHere

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I was having lunch with a group of people yesterday. We had a long discussion about the damage the Doctrine of Discovery has done in the world. One of the people has a sister-in-law who is descended from a guy who owned 1900 slaves. And she has no awareness that it is the source of the family's wealth.

BTW, I live in the historic land of the Haudenosaunee. The Treaty of Canandaigua, signed by George Washington in 1794, was supposed to respect Haudenosaunee lands. As their elders say, it has been violated over and over by the whites, but never broken by the native Americans.

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Nov 15, 2023·edited Nov 15, 2023

Thank you for sharing Peter! I'd guess most of US have had Road to Haudenosaunee moments listening to others not for any GOTCHA merit badges or bragging rights, but for insight into how our very own minds work and keep us functioning blinder and deafer and more insensitive to all that we quite naturally take for granted in this overwhelming world of woes. Whatever benevolent Maker we worship, we do live on a Food Chain and that is an unsettling experience every waking moment. Was it Miles Davis who said: "If you ain't depressed, you ain't been paying attention."

The world of woes is all around the wider Weeeee as contrast. Finding a balance tween necessary survival skills and unnecessary solipsism and narcissism is a blessed place to be and I am not certain I've ever even visited that resort! Yet it is also on the food chain of life! And that Weeeeee is wider and more powerful a force than the small-minded miser, allowing for greater communal thriving with much less than what we now take to be necessary as part of survivor skills.

I was raised downstate from Haudenosaunee lands of the Iroquois Confederacy and in high school was even subscribing to the Akwesasne News periodical. Not because I deluded my child of refugees inner self into thinking I could be a First Nation indigene. Nor did I want to pass as one or in today's Jacqueline Keeler parlance become a Pretendian. However, during summers of visiting the Iroquois communities and soaking up all the lore from the most interesting elders willing to share with a curious city kid, a lifelong communal cultural tie has only strengthened my own ethnic ties of birth and happenstance. Everybody is indigenous to somewhere. The names and languages change and the more we can learn the fuller life feels when we're not out trying to make a living rather than a killing!

Health and balance to ye.

Keep on doing and speaking out!

Tio Mitchito

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If you've ever wondered how the Nazis gained power, now you know🙁

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Exactly! The NAZI regime needed bullying, violence and disinformation to help them , they never had the votes, and Hitler was a charismatic figure with an iron stubbornness to gain power.

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Only thing I’ve witnessed in America that was even close to how the Nazis gained power was the Covidians and tactics implemented in California, New York, ect

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Dean, you are correct, this is Nazi talk... and yet with the lack of education in history, critical thinking skills, non curious people, indoctrinated people... well this is a recipe for fascism straight up no chaser.. Thanks for what u do Dean.

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The public needs a simplistic way to understand to the masses exactly what will happen should fascism replace our democracy..

Because we hear very little from the Democratic party leaders these days, we all are scratching our heads and wondering exactly what the plan is..

Should we be on our knees praying? Will that help us?


Or should we just sit back and watch the GOP clown car engine throw a rod and completely disable itself?

Yes that's all fair and good and great but it's not enough!

I am ashamed of MSNBC hiring Kristian Welker to host Meet the Press. She has done nothing on her show to counter the GOP's outright lies and propoganda . There is no pushback.

Which leads me to believe that MSNBC may have some roots in the GOP.

Bill Maher is becoming a terrible celebrity commentator on the State of the Union. Over the last two years, he has transformed his schtick from pro- democracy to leaning much more to the right and he has been hosting many a dangerous government official... With Ted Cruz being the latest..

He is a highly influential man and public figure but he's giving us a terribly different and dark interpretation of what's going on in the United States .

And 80% of America is getting their news on Facebook!!!! WTF.


Do people think they're getting authentically true News from Facebook?

I don't really trust or see corporate media pushing back on Republican propaganda and drama .

The American people have very little avenues to get honest, truthful, uncut journalism

Don Henley's " Dirty Laundry" pretty much sums it up.

The only journalism I truly trust on television is PBS and the Thom Hartmann show. It's unbiased and no one is telling him what he can and can't talk about.

This is not one of my more eloquent notes. I feel off balance this week after listening to all the talking heads on TV.

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Nov 14, 2023Liked by Dean Obeidallah

Hopefully the Corporate Media will continue to cover the truth about Trump and MAGA and what it means for Americans, but it also needs to be spread on Social Media.

The MAGA Christofascist Nationalist Movement KKKrowd funders and loyalists in Congress and the mitary, our police departments, our judiciary etc , must all be held to account for their part in this. No accountability means no deterrence. It's treason plain and simple.

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With Trumps speaking more like a 1936 German who are his current speech writers?

Stephen Miller? Steve Bannon?

There is to much specific language to be random . Who is writing these targeted messages?

Is it time to shed light on his team?

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Trump couldn’t do this alone. He doesn’t have the brain power. Many analysts believe it’s Steven Miller, the self-loathing Jew, who helps Trump with these Nazi-like manifestos.

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John Dean, in Conservatives Without Conscience, first warned of this threat back in 2006:

"“Probably about 20 to 25 percent of the adult American population is so right-wing authoritarian, so scared, so self-righteous, so ill-informed, and so dogmatic that nothing you can say or do will change their minds. … And they are so submissive to their leaders that they will believe and do virtually anything they are told. They are not going to let up and they are not going away.” — John Dean, Conservatives Without Conscience



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Is there data or empirical basis to back up this declaration with its statistics? Or is it a random quote from a book written by a Nixon era author?

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In addition, the results of the 2020 election support his statement. Relative to the total number of registered voters, https://www.electproject.org/2020g, P01135809 got 31% of the registered voters. That's equivalent to about 23% of the general population.

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Dean's whole book, Conservatives Without Conscience, includes data to support his statement. In addition, his second book, Authoritarian Nightmare adds more data, including a 2019 national survey they commissioned to support the book.

“And even if Trump accepts the will of the majority and the Electoral College and leaves the White House, his backers will remain a very powerful force, ready to give undying loyalty to him for as long as he wants, and then to the next dictator-in-waiting. And the next one will almost certainly be smarter than Donald Trump. You can be sure someone is watching Trump closely, planning to step into his place. Thus, if you want to remain free, you will probably have to outvote today’s ardent Trump followers , not only in November 2020 but for some time in future elections. You may have heard that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”


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I was just having this conversation with my students. Thank you for this research, I’ll share it with them.

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Great to hear!!

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This is the blueprint presented by dictators who have shared it at the last Republicans convention . Orban. He came to teach the Republicans how to become flagrant Authoritarians and worse.

If you feel that your life is being threatened ? It is .

We need to do what freedom loving people have done when threatened with jails and death by their political enemies.

We need to make so much noise exposing and opposing them that it becomes inconceivable . Then that they keep their cowardly, Ignorant asses out of sight.

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Terrific--and terrifying--analysis, Dean! We must all remain alert and keep in mind that maintaining a democratic republic requires eternal vigilance--not only during election season. One typo I saw: In the 1st sentence of the para that begins, "Have you ever *hard* a leading..." I'm thinking "hard" should be "heard" here. :) Fantastic writing as always!!

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Thanks Michelle- I fixed that. Glad you enjoyed the article!

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When people are ignorant of history and indoctrinated into religious superstitions that have a violent and oppressive basis, you will see sheep walking off the cliff. We have not protested this nearly enough! The Nazi Trumpanzees, as always, project their actions on those trying to expose them. MTG calls Democrats Nazis & Fascists. She needs to be asked bluntly and publicly to define these terms.

Trump is a seditionist criminal with 91 indictments, but we allow him to campaign and endanger millions. The 14th Amendment in the Constitution stipulates that a person committing/ participating in sedition is not eligible to run for public office. Almost three years have passed without any control or consequence over the orange existential threat! If a foreign terrorist killed millions, injured & killed our police, spewed dangerous deadly rhetoric about groups of citizens, would we gather for three years while they spoke at rallies across our country!?

We are currently sitting and watching Fascism park in our country. The longer the justice is delaying, the more dangerous and difficult it will be to force back.

Our justice departments and Garland especially need their own trials for endangering the public with their lack of appropriate actions! There is NO excuse for this atrocious privileging of Fascist monsters!

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99% of the “Average” Americans have NO idea how Hitler came into power. I’d love a man on the street piece (or the man at the MAGA rally) to see just how much History the public knows.

When I hear people screaming about sending money to Ukraine I immediately ask if they rather send a loved one? They have NO idea why we are “helping” Ukraine-CLUELESS!

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The only thing that will stop the MAGA madness is to defeat Putin. Indeed, he must suffer the same fate that Hitler did. Putin has his eyes on far more than the US, and he is in the process of taking over the world. Look at his operations in South America, for example. He will not stop until he has subjugated most of the world. We cannot allow that to happen, and time is running very short.

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Nov 14, 2023·edited Nov 14, 2023

Never ever thought it'd happen here but damned if it isn't. 🤔

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With Jenna Ella shown in the illegally released (by a T defendant) video of her testimony about Trump saying he’d just not leave the WH ever, I started listing to my husband (2016 voted for him, since changed to Ind Party and voted for Biden in 2020, hates T), a few things T & Mel had done.

1. Neither greeted newly elected Joe Biden and Dr Jill Biden to the WH for the traditional welcome to “your new home” (Obama’s surely did in 2016 when T won.)

2. Mel (my name for her) didn’t invite Dr Jill Biden for the traditional Newly Elected Lady Tea. (FLoTUS Michelle Obama surely did when T won in 2016.)

3. Neither Ts attended the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and First Lady-elect Jill Biden. When, when in U.S. history as that ever happened?

4. The T Administration between Nov and Jan slow walked or refused to hand over and introduce functions necessary for the smooth continuation of government. The Biden Administration was left to scramble to put in place many functions of government with little or no help of the former administration.

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This made me think of the Frank Zappa song. Prophetic...

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