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Totally agree with you Dean...our only weapon is the vote...

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Voting is our best and only weapon we can count on!!

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Great Essay, Dean!

2 short articles (in English) about Italy and Berlusconi that you might find relevant to your further discussions concerning fascism. Both are from L'Internazionale.

1. POLITICS: "How Italy has changed with Silvio Berlusconi"

Alexander Calvi , 12 june 2023


2. After Berlusconi. "The mourning that remains to be done"

Ida Dominijanni , 14 june 2023


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MAGAs are gonna MAGA, there is little we can do to prevent it. But GODDAMN! where in the hell are the Democrats???? They should be screaming about Trump's criminality from the rooftops, the treetops, the street corners and the halls of Congress. Biden gave the order to cede the conversation to the MAGAs for fear that they would say that he had weaponized the DoJ against Trump. Well, is Joe paying attention??? They are saying it any way. It's a lie, they know it's a lie and they know that the Democrats will not respond. It's a god damn disgrace. This election is between Joe Biden and the Democrats vs the Trump MAGA fascist cult, and you wouldn't know it from listening to Joe trying to act above the fray. Get in the fight Joe. Get in the fight Kamala. Get in the fight Chuck. Get in the fight Hakeem. Motivate the people to get out and vote, to counter protest and to make life as miserable as possible for the MAGAs and their enablers.

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"Fill a Toyota Prius and have room in the back seat" :D

I love that you referenced Madeline Albright's book. I bought it at the beginning of this horror show and I am now re-reading it. Thank you for your voice during all this craziness.

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Thanks Cindy!!

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The gop House members sound and behave as petulant children. This is the way they gather and respond in groups, and as their anger increases, because they do not get their own way, they raise their voices and assume a more belligerent tone and militaristic stance. The more mature Democratic members of Congress have learned to not engage with children mid-temper tantrum.

We have fought and died for 250 years for this democracy. One person equals one vote. There in lies the power. It’s not in the bank, the land, the educational titles. It’s in the vote.

Ideally, each person in the entire country would go to their designated polling place on each Election Day and Vote. If you are in line when the polls close, they have to allow you to vote. It is your constitutional right. It is your privilege. It is your duty as as American citizen. One person, one vote. Infinitely fair.

The fascists will never win, if we all vote. Why do you think the gop are redistricting the voting places and close so many. They hope by making it difficult, you just won’t vote. Well, difficult be darned. The average Russian or Chinese would love to be able to vote their future. Therein lies the choice. Tyranny or freedom. Fascism or free and fair elections in which all Americans vote freely for the future of their country.

Go to the polls on Election Day. If you do not know where your polls are, call the offices of the city/county government. Blue pages in the phone book.

A vote for the former guy is a vote for fascism and more money in the pockets of the very rich.

Drilling in any form ruins our earth, and we are already in the midst of global warming. If you want to live for your grandchildren and give them a better world, vote for a climate change advocate.

Books in the library cannot hurt you. You learn to be a discerning reader, to think for yourself. Read everything. You will hear worse naughty words on the playing field than on the book pages. Books will take you around the world and introduce you to miracles far and wide. Books are your friends when you think you have no one. Books are always with you and will take care of loneliness and heartbreak. Books have been my friends my entire life. No book has turned me into a bad person. No bad word has turned me bad. I have learned about people, places, things, ideas, great men, horrible battles, stupendous inventions, and I always have a stack right beside me. They are my go-to gift, and I share mine with everyone. Books are the great equalizer. Once a child learns to read, the world opens. Allow the child the world to learn and discover.

The gop is going to respond as always. Just like preteen girls. Not one independent voice in the group. They will block any action from the other side, continue to look backwards, not forward, continue to brutalize our now very fragile country, and not offer a viable means for all to work together into this century for the betterment of mankind and our fragile Earth.

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It is a tribute to American credulity that so many take hose fools seriouslyl. I have often these advocates what year or decade "Again" refers to, and never got an answer. I suspect, subconsciously, they mean before Obama?

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Hello, Someone,

If you and I ran the world - and, of course, a few other like-minded individuals, we wouldn’t have these horrific problems in the first place.

We would not always agree; however, discussion and change would be much more equitable and calm. It’s fine to disagree. It is not alright to be disagreeable.

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Angele Merkle said she was planning to retire, then Trump was elected.

She decided to continue her work, seeing the threat he posed to the world.

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@Dean Obeidallah The way Trump is pushing his supporters further and further to the Right and White Supremacist have jumped on the bandwagon and now GOP Politicians well if Garland doesn’t act, U.S. is heading for another Civil War , Fascism versus Democracy and I really hope for Democracy.

more scary (idiotic) GOP voters:

Trump retains a comfortable lead in the polls following his second indictment.

It seems clear to everyone — besides Trump’s lawyers, diehard supporters and those who have never read the act — that the Presidential Records Act does not allow what Trump did, If this had been one of my regular clients, such as a GS-15 federal civil servant, they would have been indicted over a year ago & likely would have seriously considered pleading guilty for reduced sentence. Very rare, very few espionages act go to the trial, for a good reason.

Trump schedule of legal proceedings, as of now (plus GOP 2024 schedule):

-July-August: Likely Fulton indictment

-Oct: NY State civil trial against Trump Org.

-January 15th 2024: E. Jean Carroll trial

-around February 2024: Iowa Caucus; NH Primary

-March 2024: Manhattan criminal trial; also Super Tuesday; also Stormy Daniels hush money

-TBD: the federal January 6 indictment possibility

-TBD: Documents criminal trial, likely Fulton County criminal proceedings.

-September 2024: Wisconsin fake electors trial


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